How does Iboga work?
With Iboga, you can broadcast live to your Facebook friends. Download the Android or iOS app for free. Then connect with Facebook. When you login you will be automatically connected to your Facebook friends.Your friends who also have Iboga will get a notification as soon as you go live. You also have the option to post a link to your live video on Facebook so that your friends who don’t have Iboga yet can still join you live.

Can my friends watch me live on Facebook with Iboga?
Yes! But you must turn on the option to post to Facebook before going live in order to post a snapshot and a link of your live video that your Facebook friends can tune into.

Is it mandatory that my friends have the app?
It is recommended, because of the improved user experience, but as explained above, your friends can watch you through the posted snapshot on your Facebook Timeline too.

How can I contact you if I have a problem or if the app is not working?
Please contact us on hello@iboga.live. We are always answering your questions and listening to your ideas. The best way to make Iboga even better is to give you the features you want and fix your problems, so please always feel free to share with us.

How can I switch between front and back cameras?
To switch between front and back cameras you can simply double tap anywhere on the screen during your live video.

How can I invite my friends to join the app?
Easy. Just tap into the “My Friends” tab and you will be able to send a direct and personalized invite to all of your Facebook friends to join the app.