Version 1.11 / Effective May 12, 2016

Your Facebook account
If you choose to use Iboga and create / update an account, you may provide some personal information, such as your public profile information (name, surname, email and public profile image), your friends on Facebook, your current location of your live broadcast and the option to notify your friends by sharing a post on your timeline when you broadcast on Iboga to make suggestions of who to contact within Iboga based on your Facebook account and the possibility to contact your Facebook friends when you start a live stream. All information requested have the sole purpose of improving the user experience on Iboga for you and other Iboga users. Further, you opt in to receive from time to time important promotional information about Iboga. Once received, you always have the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Iboga, a live-streaming app with friends on Facebook and public

Iboga is a live-streaming app for friends and public. Iboga broadcasts your moments live with your Facebook friends and people all over the world. There are 3 ways how you can use Iboga:

1. Public: By default, your live streams will be made public on Iboga’s discover page which is the main page when you enter Iboga. Friends and strangers from all over the world can interact with you with emoticons that express the emotions of the public viewers. Emoticons include: Liking, laughing, being surprised, loving, air kissing, boring, pretty special.

2. Facebook friends: If you have Facebook friends using Iboga, you will be automatically connected. You can choose to make your live stream solely available to your Facebook friends. Every time you are about to share your live moments, your Facebook friends who have Iboga installed on their mobile devices will receive an in-app notification to join you in your live moments. You can also opt-in to send a notification to your friends on Facebook directly to invite them to watch your live moments. Users can click on the post and are redirected to to watch your live video. Users will require Facebook authorisation and acceptance of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Iboga prior to watching. Your friends can watch your live moments and interact. Only your Facebook friends can watch your live video. Strangers are not authorised to watch your live video, but may see the cover image with the Facebook login button (only if they have the unique URL link to your live video). Further, all your friends can watch your live video in your profile unless you delete your video.

3. Go live on Facebook: You can further choose to make your live stream available to a wider audience, namely all your Facebook friends through the option to go live on Facebook. What Iboga does is making a post on behalf of you with the cover image and a link to The post will appear on your Facebook timeline and will be handled according to your Facebook privacy settings.

This Privacy Policy describes how we treat your Content when you use Iboga.

Information shared during live-streaming
Your live stream or broadcast is either directed to public and / or solely towards your Facebook friends. Iboga automatically connects you with your Facebook friends if you wish to do so. The content of your live stream may include beside the actual live video stream your public information on Facebook such as name, surname, profile image, as well as your precise location of the live video (if you opted-in) and the title of your broadcast (optional) as well as the public information of your friends who are watching your broadcast and the number of friends, comments and alike.Your live streams turn automatically into Replays. According to streams settings, it will be either available for public or only your Facebook friends.

When you watch your Iboga users live broadcasts, information regarding you may include your public information on Facebook such as name, surname, profile image and your emoticons which are shown to Iboga users during and after the live stream.

When you watch your Facebook friends live broadcasts, information regarding you may include your public information on Facebook such as name, surname, profile image and your comments which are shown to your Facebook friends during the live stream.

We further link Google Play Developer Console account with Google Analytics to better understand data like Impressions, Downloads, and Traffic Sources.

The terms may be revised from time. We will notify you about the revisions on our website


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